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J³ Sales

J³ sales @ lj.com

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About J³
J³ is a small, fan-run sales journal for various JE (Johnny's Entertainment) and Japanese pop culture/idol-related items. Since the two maintainers of this sales journal both have names that start with J, we added that to the J of Johnny's to get J³. \o/
Feel free to email us with questions at jcubed.sales@gmail.com or leave a comment on the latest sales post. We will usually get back to you within a couple of hours, if not minutes. (We are scarily connected to the Internet like that. :D)
About J^2
In deep discussion about JE single covers:
J#1: you know what? johnny probably makes them take turns
J#2: okay, this single, kat-tun is going experimental
news, you guys get to be hot
arashi, you guys...get to be rainbow
J#1: KAT-TUN fans: throw up
NEWS fans: cheer
Arashi fans: again??

In deep discussion about JE boys as Pokémon/Magic the Gathering/Yu-Gi-Oh!/whatever cards:
J#1: Junno would get +10 HP for energy, unless he's filming PV's
J#2: and -5 or 10 for bad puns, depending on the level of bad
J#1: Uebo-hime would be +5 for androgeny, hee
J#2: you could totally play Ohmiya, Akame, or TaNaka together as combinations!
J#1: Sho, Koki, and Shige would get HP for intelligence, except when around dorktastic band members

Just for Fun: Tour Our JE Museum Rooms!
J#1: The KAT-TUN Fan
J#2: The Arashi Fan

In short: we're nerds. 8D But cracktastically so!
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